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Family Dentistry
Roswell, GA

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Finding a one-stop solution for all of your family's oral care needs can be a challenging task. Families can be complicated. A treatment meant for adults is less likely to be effective for young children or older members of the family. This is why family dental groups offer specialties and services for the entire family in an effort to address their oral care needs at the same location. Our dentists at our family practice in Roswell, GA offer just that!

Maintaining optimal oral health and an attractive smile is a priority for virtually everyone, but oftentimes, it is quite hard to do so. If you have a busy lifestyle or have faced trauma from an injury, it can often lead to a neglect towards oral care. Having a family dentist means that access to oral care is only a phone call away, whether it's a general check up or a dental emergency.

If you have been wondering about the benefits of family dentistry and would like to understand how it works, Reich Dental Center – Roswell would be more than happy to answer all of your questions. Maintaining a beautiful smile for you and your loved ones becomes much easier when everyone's oral care needs are being met under the same roof.

What Does Family Dentistry Entail?

General dental appointments must be conducted at least twice a year, regardless of your age or medical background. This is key to maintaining optimal oral and overall health. Family dentistry is a culmination of many treatments and exams conducted throughout the year for each member of the family. From dental cleanings and examinations to other preventive care treatments, a family dentist will ensure that exclusive care is provided to all family members.

In simple words, family dentistry is attuned to the needs of everyone in the family, especially the young members. Family dentists acquire specialized training to better address prevention and treatment for children and teenagers. Although not as specialized as a pediatric dentist, family dentists are definitely in a better position to offer preventative and treatment care to children and seniors, compared to a general dentist.

The Convenience of a Family Dentist

Children need care and attention at every developmental stage. Dental anxiety is among the top challenges that makes it hard for dental professionals to perform their exams on children. Dentistry for kids tries to encircle these issues and come up with ways to battle them efficiently. For younger patients, we may recommend dental sealants or composite fillings as they make it harder for cavities to develop bacterial infection.

A family dentist resembles a familiar face, so every time you walk in for your appointment, you are building a lasting relationship with your dental care provider. Periodontal care and periodontal maintenance are deeper forms of intervention offered at our practice. Maintaining a bright and beautiful smile takes more than just brushing your teeth daily, which is why we take pride in educating our patients on preventive care.

Family dentistry procedures are much like any other standard procedure but more in line with patients' needs and concerns. Dental cleanings are a routine part of your dental exam where we will examine your oral profile and look for any signs of oral issues. This will allow us to check more than just your teeth and eventually benefit any treatment plans we may choose to advise. As we are inclined to provide the best care to our patients, we may also provide oral cancer screenings during your visit.

A family dentist will always have an upperhand compared to a general dentist as they are aware of your dental history. Prior knowledge of dental procedures and other treatments that you had undergone in the past will help your family dentist devise appropriate treatment options in future. At Reich Dental Center – Roswell, we monitor and store all the pressing details pertaining to our patients' oral profiles. This allows us to treat and care for our patients in an optimal way, especially during dental emergencies.

What Other Services Are Offered?

Besides offering routine dental care, we strive to provide all-round care and services to our patients. This means if your children are involved in sports and other physically intense activities, our staff will be obliged to take you through the benefits of mouthguards. This way you can rest easy when your children are out on the field playing their favorite sports, knowing that their oral safety is in good hands.

Some patients may be dealing with pain or uneasiness in their jaw, which could underline other periodontal issues without their knowledge. Our priority is to make sure that any such concerns do not end up progressing into an acute oral issue for the patient. For such patients, we may help them undergo TMJ/TMD treatment options, such as ordering custom nightguards, that address joint dysfunctions more accurately.

Finally, if there are issues pertaining to your quality of life, we tend to take them very seriously at our practice. For instance, if you or a family member are experiencing sleep apnea, we can help come up with a treatment plan to fix it. The repercussions of ignoring sleep apnea can be life threatening. We may choose to advise changes in your diet, sleep pattern, lifestyle, and other areas of health pertaining to the issue.

Preventive Care for Your Entire Family

Maintaining good oral health takes a lot more than regular visits to the dentist. Practicing preventive care in your daily lives allows you to stay on top of oral issues that may threaten your quality of life. We take pride in educating our patients, especially the younger ones, when it comes to maintaining good oral and overall health.

If you have asked yourself the question "What is a family dentist and how are they different from general dentists?" - you are not alone. Our staff at Reich Dental Center – Roswell will be delighted to give you more context on the subject of family dentistry and its underlying benefits. To book an appointment, you can call us at 770-992-3353.

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