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Rendering of jaw with dental bridge at Reich Dental Center – Roswell in Roswell, GAAt Reich Dental Center – Roswell, we recommend the use of dental bridges to people with one or more missing teeth. A dental bridge is a non-removable dental appliance designed to replace missing teeth within your mouth. The device is anchored into place and cannot be removed at home.

Dental Bridge Construction

As the name suggests, dental bridges are made of three or more pieces fused together to bridge the gap left in the mouth due to missing teeth.

Most bridges are made of two anchoring crowns that fit over the teeth on both sides of the gap. The middle part is made of one or multiple false teeth, called pontics.

These two dental crowns and the pontic/pontics are fused together and cemented to the anchoring teeth. In some cases, a bridge may be cemented to your natural teeth instead of dental crowns.

What Are the Different Types of Dental Bridges?

Here are several types of dental bridges. Our doctors can determine the condition of your mouth and find out which dental bridge suits you the best.

Traditional Dental Bridges

Traditional bridges are made up of a false tooth or multiple false teeth that are held in place by two crowns. These crowns are fitted onto the teeth on either side of the gap. This is the strongest and most popular kind of dental bridge and can withstand large pressures.

Cantilever Dental Bridges

A cantilever dental bridge is similar to a traditional bridge but it is anchored by a single crown. This dental bridge is used when only one healthy tooth is available on the side of the gap to support the device. Cantilever bridges are not as strong as traditional bridges and can fracture the tooth if high pressure is applied to them. This bridge is only recommended to be used on the front teeth.

Maryland Dental Bridges

Maryland dental bridges do not require crowns. Instead, they are bonded with a resin material to the back of your teeth with a metal or porcelain framework. This is the most conservative type of dental bridge, though its success rate is not so high. There is a greater chance of the cement chipping off, making the bridge loose.

Implant Supported Bridge

Replace multiple missing teeth and restore the natural beauty of your smile with an implant-supported bridge. This single restoration utilizes dental implants placed next to empty spaces and may require several visits for completion.

What Are My Other Options for Replacing Missing Teeth?

Dental bridges are an excellent way to restore your smile, but there may be other options for you. Dentures are one other more traditional option.

The modern choice for replacing one or more teeth for our Roswell, GA patients is to invest in dental implants.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures let you smile with confidence. They are crafted to fit perfectly in the mouth and feature a metal framework connected to pink, gum-colored plastic for secure placement.

Dental Implants

Your dentist has a brilliant solution if you are missing teeth - dental implants! This procedure will involve creating an anchor in your jawbone with a tiny, screw-like titanium post.

Once it heals fully into the bone and surrounding tissues, they can add a crown to create an artificial tooth that stands strong for many years. It's like replacing lost roots with something more durable than ever before.

Dental Bridge FAQs

Here are a few frequently asked questions about dental bridges.

Is it Painful to Have a Dental Bridge Procedure?

It's common to experience discomfort after dental bridges are fitted. However, don't worry, this sensation should diminish in just a few days. The bridge procedure can be completed with minimal discomfort by utilizing a local anesthetic.

How Long Does it Take for a Dental Bridge to Settle?

Giving your mouth a little extra TLC for two weeks can help ease you into the adjustment period with minimal discomfort.

Instead of indulging in very hot or cold food and drinks, why not soothe any potential soreness by using sensitive toothpaste during that time? With just some simple adjustments, you'll be smiling brighter than ever!

Are Dental Bridges Permanent?

Dental bridges are not designed to last forever, but with proper oral hygiene habits and regular check-ups with your dentist, you can prolong their lifespan by up to 15 years.

Unfortunately, there may be circumstances where the bridge could become damaged or loose prematurely, so our doctors must address any irregularities immediately!

How Do I Take Care of My Dental Bridge?

After receiving a dental bridge, you must take care of your oral hygiene.
•  Brush your teeth regularly at least twice a day with a fluoride-based toothpaste and soft-bristled brush. This gets rids of food debris trapped between the gums and the bridge and prevents dental decay. If plaque is allowed to accumulate, it can result in dental bridge failure.
•  It is very important to floss your teeth at least once a day with a soft dental threader to get rid of plaque and debris trapped between your gums and dental bridge and the space between your teeth.
•  Reduce your intake of sugary and starchy food as they produce strong acids that can lead to tooth decay.
•  Avoid eating very hard or sticky food as that can damage or loosen your dental bridges.

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At Reich Dental Center, we recommend the use of dental bridges to people with one or more missing teeth. Click here to learn more about dental bridges.
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